A narrow majority of Americans support gay marriage, a poll released Monday found.

According to The New York Times/CBS News poll conducted between September 8-12, 51 percent of respondents believe gay and lesbian couples should be allowed to marry, while 41 percent disagree. Seven percent did not answer.

Support has increased 5 percentage points since July, when 46 percent said such unions should be legal and 44 percent said they should be illegal.

It is the first nationwide poll to ask the question since Republicans and Democrats held their conventions.

A GOP party platform ratified on August 28 supports amending the U.S. Constitution to ban gay marriage, while the Democratic platform ratified on September 5 supports gay nuptials for the first time.

Many Democratic speakers at the 2012 Democratic National Convention (DNC), including President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, made mention of their support for marriage equality, while Mitt Romney told RNC delegates that he would “honor the institution of marriage,” a reference to his opposition to such unions.