After failing to win the GOP presidential nomination, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann finds herself in a tough fight to keep her old job.

Jim Graves, the founder of Graves Hospitality Corporation, won the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL) nomination in April.

“I'm a libertarian when it comes to social issues,” Graves told SiriusXM OutQ's Michelangelo Signorile on Thursday. “Government has no role to play in personal lives, contrary to Michele Bachmann. She kind of believes in a theocracy and I believe in a democracy, and secular democracy at that. The role of government isn't to get involved in people's lives.”

As a Minnesota state senator, Bachmann sponsored an amendment to the Minnesota Constitution which would define marriage as a heterosexual union, and she backs a current referendum on the issue.

“My stand is, I've been for 39 years in a loving and committed relationship,” Graves said. “I'm very fortunate. It's been the best thing in my life and, by gosh, everybody in America has the same rights under the law and everyone should be able to marry who they want to, when they want to. As far as what churches want to do, or synagogues, again, I believe in separation of church and state. I don't care what the Catholic Church wants to do. I happen to be born a Catholic. But under the law everybody has the same rights and I believe very strongly in dignity and respect for everybody.”

Graves, who has three sons with his wife Julie, is running 2 percentage points behind Bachmann, according to Graves' own internal polling.