Derek McCoy, executive director of Maryland Marriage Alliance, believes God is behind opponents of gay marriage.

Maryland voters on November 6 will decide whether a gay marriage law approved by lawmakers takes effect on January 1 or is repealed.

McCoy made his comments during a panel discussion on marriage at Values Voter Summit, which is sponsored by the Christian conservative Family Research Council (FRC).

“If we choose to go home today and to say, 'Well, I hope we win in November,' and let it be done, I think you're sadly mistaken that that's not when we were born. See each one of us were born in history for such a time as this. We know that God did not make a mistake by having you here right now. He did not make a mistake by having you in this time, in this season of your life, where you are and where you are sitting,” he said.

“You can participate and help us to get over the hump. You can participate and make a win in these issues. We have to be a stopgate on these issues. We can't allow and say, 'Well, that's just a liberal state, let it go.' No, we got more of us than them. Trust me. It is more of us than them. And if we understand it's more of us than them, then don't go home and sit on the sidelines, and don't go home and be a couch-potato, then don't go home and Monday morning quarterback, or say I'm not getting into that foxhole today. No, you're born for such a time as this to get in the foxhole, to get on the street, to get in the game and make sure you are engaged,” McCoy added to cheers from the audience.

Also appearing on the panel were John Helmberger, CEO of Minnesota Family Council, Carroll Conley, executive director of Maine Family Policy Council, and Joseph Backholm, executive director of Preserve Marriage Washington.

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