The Ministry of Education in Malaysia has endorsed a guide to assist parents in spotting “homosexual symptoms” in their kids so they can “take early corrective measurements.”

The government's endorsement of the guide has whipped up controversy on the Internet.

According to the guide, parents should be concerned by boys who have a “fondness for showing off the body by wearing clothing, such as by wearing v-necks and sleeveless tops,” prefer “tight and bright coloured clothes” and tend to carry “big handbags.”

Another “homosexual symptom” for boys is “an inclination to be attracted to men.”

Symptoms in girls include “showing attraction to women,” “a preference for hanging out, sleeping and dining with women,” and an “absence of feelings for men.”

A nonprofit affiliated with the Malaysia government released the brochure to hundreds of parents at a seminar titled Parents in Curbing LGBT Issue, the website Malaysiakini reported.

“Youths are easily influenced by websites and blogs relating to LGBT groups,” Deputy Education Minister Mohd Puad Zarkashi is quoted as saying by Sinar Harian. “This can also spread among their friends. We are worried that this happens during schooling time.”