Dave Holmes checks in each week with NewNowNext to find out if the week was good for the gays.

Overall, this week was good for the gays, and here's why, according to Holmes.

Gigolos, which Holmes described as reality TV with a bunch of cheap sex, returns for its third season. That's good for the gays.

Thomas is “going to get some” in Downton Abbey. That's good for the gays.

Bob Mould's new album Silver Age is “outstanding,” which is good for the gays.

Ellen DeGeneres got a star on the Walk of Fame. Good for the gays.

The VMA's were good for the gays, Holmes ultimately decided, but added that candy corn Oreos are not good for anyone.

“Speakers all throughout the Democratic National Convention talked about gays and lesbians but like not in code,” Holmes said. “They actually said gays and lesbians and talked about us like we're actual citizens with something to offer. Now we're definitely going to have to continue to hold these people's feet to the fire and maybe this whole thing is just empty talk. But think about it: these people thought they could score political points with empty talk about gays and lesbians. That's progress. The Democratic National Convention was good for the gays.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)