Australian Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham and drag superstar RuPaul are set to appear on the second season of all-gay cabler Logo's Be Good Johnny Weir.

The first season of the reality series which follows the two-time Olympian and three-time U.S. National Figure Skating champion was broadcast on independent film cabler the Sundance Channel.

The new season premieres Monday, September 17 and is expected to include Weir's public coming out gay in his memoir Welcome to my World and his whirlwind romance with and marriage to attorney Victor Voronov. The 28-year-old Weir also recently announced his return to competitive figure skating with the hopes of competing in the 2014 Olympics.

In one episode, Weir seeks out dating advice from Mitcham.

“How do you make a relationship work when you're constantly training and running all over the world to compete and it's just madness?” Weir asked.

Mitcham described his partner as very grounded, which allows them to keep their lives private.

RuPaul's advice on the music industry is sought in another episode.

“Please. Twenty-first Century. Nobody expects you to be Judy Garland out there hoofing it out and singing with the band. Being able to sing isn't the biggest part of being a singing star,” RuPaul told Weir. (A trailer for the upcoming season is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)