NBC will premiere its much anticipated gay dads comedy The New Normal on Monday.

In the show, David (played by Justin Bartha, The Hangover) and Bryan (Andrew Rannells, Broadway's Book of Mormon) begin their quest to start a family as Goldie (Georgia King) and her daughter escape the clutches of her overbearing and homophobic grandmother (Ellen Barkin) from small town, Ohio to Los Angeles.

The down-on-her-luck single mom arrives just in time to help the couple fulfill their dream.

The sitcom from Glee creator Ryan Murphy has created controversy. The Christian conservative group One Million Moms called for an ad boycott of the show, saying it promotes “moral decay in public airways.” Citing crude dialogue and offensive characterizations, Salt Lake City-based KSL-TV announced it would keep the comedy off its fall schedule. The station insisted that its decision “was not made because of any single issue including gay characters and LGBT families.”

NBC will premiere The New Normal pilot on Monday at 10PM; a second episode will air in its regular time slot: Tuesday at 9:30PM.