Exodus International President Alan Chambers is facing increasing criticism over his rejection of therapies aimed at “curing” gay men and lesbians, and saying that he believes gay people can go to heaven.

Chambers is leading the group away from supporting such therapies. At one point, Chambers starred in ads for the ministry along with the caption “Change is possible.”

Exodus now says it is emphasizing how gay Christians can manage their same-sex attractions. For some gay people that could mean celibacy.

In an interview with the Christian Post, Chambers said a dozen of some 270 ministries have fled the group since the new policy was announced earlier this year.

During an appearance last week on The Janet Mefferd Show, the Christian conservative admonished Chambers and concluded that he should resign from his post.

Mefferd claimed that Exodus' new policy was basically excusing sin.

“If you believe that you have to turn from your sin and turn to Christ … how can you simultaneously hold that somebody who is an unrepentant homosexual can go to heaven?” she asked Chambers.

In one heated exchanged, Mefferd accused Chambers of faulting God.

“But Exodus was never claiming that Exodus would help you change your orientation. My understanding is Exodus always said we will introduce you to the God who can change you,” Mefferd said.

“Yes, but God who can change you, but will that God always change your sexual orientation? I don't know that He will,” Chambers stated.

“It's God's fault then.”

“There's no place that says God will change your orientation,” Chambers responded.

On Friday, the Christian Post reported that John Warren had become the first member of the Exodus International Board of Directors to step down since the change took effect.
“I believe that Alan Chambers is a good man with good intentions. It is his messaging that concerned me recently and prompted me to resign,” he said.

Warren's resignation comes days after Jeff Buchanan stepped down as executive vice president.