Jack Antonoff and Andrew Dost of the indie-pop band fun say they are committed to passage of gay marriage referendums in Washington state and Maine.

Fun, which is best known for their hit single We Are Young, will play a Halloween concert in Portland, Maine on October 30 in support of the campaign to approve a gay marriage law in the state.

“It's specifically about a vote they have going on in their state, so not only are we behind the issue – we really intend to go and help where we can make a difference by making some noise, garnering some money and donating some money,” Dost told Rolling Stone at the MTV VMAs.

The band is also hoping to play a benefit concert in Washington, where a referendum on a gay marriage law is on the November 6 ballot.

“We got involved because we care in the same way we think everyone should care, and more importantly, we think it should be an issue way beyond the gay community,” Antonoff said. “It's a little bit of a vibe like, 'It's not my problem if I'm not gay.' But it should be everyone's problem.”

Also scheduled to perform at the Freedom To Love Now! benefit concert at Portland's Beacon Theater are Rufus Wainwright, They Might Be Giants, Toshi Reagon, John Cameron Mitchell, Justin Bond and Doveman.