You can file Sally Kern under “The hateful things people say.” A secretly recorded Oklahoma state representative Sally Kern speech was released on YouTube by The Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund this week. In the speech, given to a group of 50 of so Republicans, she makes it clear that she's no friend to gays. Much more on Sally Kern after the update.

You'll find me in your kitchen cooking-up eggs Benedict, waffles and Mimosas for your weekend breakfast or in the backyard laying a bear trap at your back door. Keep reading to find out which.

Idaho Senator Larry Craig is back in the news as he continues to fight to clean-up his name after being arrested in a Minnesota airport men's room sex-sting in 2007. As Bill is fond of saying, give me a break!

Openly gay bishop Gene Robinson has decided to take the high road and refuse to take part in an upcoming Anglican summit after church leaders reduced his participation to next-to-nothing. For being gay, of course.

In Spain the temperatures are hot and so are the politics. But this week the heat felt good as Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and his Socialist party won re-election. This in spite of the Catholic Church's heavy-handed campaign against the Socialists. Zapatero angered the church by introducing liberal reforms to the country, including gay marriage and divorce, in 2005.

Did you hear about hunky heartthrob, Baywatch star Jaason Simmons being gay? Good news and all, then you read he's headed to Canada to marry Irish actor John O'Callaghan and the happiness kinda fades. In all sincerity, I applaud Jaason for his courage and wish the couple happiness.

I told you that, so I could tell you this: Norway has introduced a bill granting full marriage equality, including adoption, to same-sex couples. If passed, the legislation would replaced civil unions in the country of four million.

Here's a picture of John McCain freaking out on that extra 'a' in Jaason Simmons' name.

It was our own Gay Entertainment Report which brought us news that Showtime has decided to end its groundbreaking lesbian drama The L Word after season six in 2009. Jennifer Beals and Cybill Shepherd, good times I'll miss.

Sometimes it takes something so shocking, so ACT-UP circa 1987, to wake-up this nation. Such is the alarm found in Sally Kern's despicable anti-gay speech.

The speech which includes homophobic remarks such as, “I honestly think it's [homosexuality] the biggest threat our nation has, even more so than terrorism or Islam.”  And, “They [gay people] want to get our young children into the government schools so that they can indoctrinate them... They're going after our young children, as young as two years of age, to try to teach them the homosexual lifestyle is an acceptable lifestyle.”

Despite an overwhelming amount of emails (23,000 at her office alone) condemning her views, a million hits on YouTube, and even death threats, the Republican Oklahoma state representative stands by her words. Worse, several fellow Republicans are supporting her.

To reduce gay people to a threat worse that terrorist is an attempt to dehumanize us and reduce us to a single concept of evil. If the tag sticks, hatemongers use it to justify gay related crimes, inequality, and perhaps even isolation.

Sally Kern's speech reminds us that the fight for gay equality in America remains strongly opposed. Our foes willing to stoop to malevolent lows to win.

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