Comedian Susie Sampson's conservative character is annoyed by liberals at the Democratic National Convention.

In an appearance on The David Pakman Show, Sampson, the host of Tea Party Report, told Pakman that she would vote for President Barack Obama if he came out for lower taxes and was anti-gay.

“What could he do that would make you vote for him?” Pakman asked.

“Um, well, he would lower taxes and be anti-gay, I think would be sticking with the platform,” Sampson answered. “I mean, I don't think for myself so I just go with what they say. That's how I work.”

Tea Party Report features Sampson interviewing everyday folks on topics relevant to the GOP.

Sampson told Pakman that she headed to the DNC to “check out those liberals and see what kind of up to no good they're doing.”

“And let me tell you they are up to no good,” she added. “I mean they were out drinking last night. And they were drinking a lot. I saw a lot of drunken folks running amok in Charlotte. You did not see a single drunk folk in Tampa. Let me tell you, they were well behaved Republicans.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)