The group People for Rhode Island's Future is working to elect a pro-gay marriage majority to the Rhode Island General Assembly.

The nascent group has the backing of millionaire philanthropist Tim Gill, who on Sunday gave $20,000 to the group. Another $15,000 came from Esmond Harmsworth, a founding partner of Boston-based literary agency Zachary Shuster Harmsworth Literary Agency and owner of the Four Winds estate.

People for Rhode Island's Future is targeting for ouster 5 current state senators opposed to gay marriage – Frank Lombardi, Marc Cote, Michael McCaffrey and Dan DaPonte – and supporting the re-election of Rep. Roberto DaSilva, Newsport's WPRI reported. All six elected officials are democrats.

The group is also supporting five additional pro-gay marriage candidates, and opposing one other who is opposed to marriage equality.

Gill, who is gay and lives in Denver with his husband Scott Miller, has also contributed $25,000 to Fight Back Colorado, the super PAC targeting Colorado lawmakers opposed to civil unions.

Last year, Rhode Island lawmakers approved civil unions for gay and lesbian couples after support in the Senate for a bill legalizing gay marriage appeared to be lacking sufficient support.

Rhode Island holds its General Assembly primaries on September 11.