Los Angeles police have arrested four U.S. Marines suspected of beating a gay man over the weekend at a local bar in a possible hate crime.

The Marines, who are believed to be stationed at Camp Pendleton, are accused of beating unconscious a man outside the Silver Fox Bar, a gay bar in Long Beach.

“I remember blacking out,” the unnamed victim said. “All I remember is being put next to the curb.”

The victim said the men yelled anti-gay slurs as they beat him.

CBS Los Angeles quoted a bartender as saying that the men stated that they were straight and began making homophobic slurs after a few drinks.

Charlie Harris, a bar employee, came to the full-time film student's rescue, fighting off the attackers until police arrived.

“I'm not a hero by any means. I'm doing what any decent human being would do,” Harris said. (A video report is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)