First Lady Michelle Obama on Wednesday gave a huge shout-out to Tammy Baldwin at a luncheon hosted by several gay rights groups at the 2012 Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Obama spoke at the event sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign, National Stonewall Democrats, the National Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, Equality North Carolina and the DNC's LGBT caucus.

HRC President Chad Griffin introduced the first lady.

“Can she deliver a speech and inspire America or what?” Griffin asked the audience, a reference to Obama's keynote address at the DNC.

“We can count ourselves truly fortunate” to have the Obamas in the White House, he added.

The first lady said that she was going to keep it short because “you might be a little sick of me” to shouts from the audience of “No.”

“I also want to recognize a congresswoman who has been a great leader in the House of Representatives, and who I know will make an outstanding senator for the state of Wisconsin: Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin. Yes, Tammy!” she said to applause. “That's my girl. We got to hang out at one of our rallies in Wisconsin. People were fired up. Fired up. It's good to see you, Tammy.”

The 50-year-old Baldwin would become the first openly gay U.S. senator if she captures the seat being vacated by Wisconsin Senator Herb Kohl. Her Republican rival, Tommy Thompson, is a former governor of Wisconsin.

Michelle Obama also touted President Barack Obama's support for gay rights.

“[W]hether it's passing hate crimes legislation or refusing to defend DOMA; whether it's ending 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' or ensuring that people can be at their loved one's hospital bedside or speaking out for the rights of all Americans to be able to do what Barack and I did and marry the love of our lives, as president my husband has stood strong for the basic values of freedom, justice and equality too that make this country great. And he always will.”