John C. Nienstedt, the archbishop of St. Paul and Minneapolis, has sent another letter asking Roman Catholic parishioners to support a proposed gay marriage ban.

Voters in November will decide on a constitutional amendment which would define marriage as a heterosexual union in the state.

Nienstedt's latest appeal was read in Twin Cities parishes last Sunday.

“Our effort to support God's unchanging plan for marriage is not a campaign against anyone, but rather a positive effort to promote the truth about marriage as a union between one man and one woman,” he wrote.

“But the reality is that marriage is not ours to redefine, just as another human life is not ours to take. God is both the author of life and the author of marriage. It is this most fundamental understanding of the natural order that animates who we are as Catholics. … It is also why we fight to defend God's plan for marriage, because his providence is as clear for what marriage is as it is for the dignity of each human life.”

The Minn Post quoted Michael Bayly, the director of Catholics for Marriage Equality, as saying that some people had walked out of their churches during the reading.

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