Sean Savoy has come out gay after a Fox Radio affiliate in Reno, Nevada canceled his public affairs program, House of Savoy.

Savoy told gay website that the reason he was given for the cancellation of his one-year-old show was an August 12 interview with Will Kolb, a Dallas-based gay rights advocate.

On the show, Savoy, an ordained minister, commended Kolb for his gay rights advocacy. (A portion of the interview is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

“I have always appreciated the variety of viewpoints expressed on my program. To think I could be removed for having a conversation about the LGBT community in America baffles me. I have conducted a variety of interviews with a wide range of people over the past year, and yet this was the topic that got my show canceled,” said Savoy.

The incident prompted Savoy to publicly announce that he is gay.

House of Savoy is currently looking for a new home.