New Orleans' 41st annual gay mardi gras, Southern Decadence, is being blamed for Hurricane Isaac's sudden change in trajectory.

Buster Wilson of the American Family Association (AFA) discussed the festival on his Thursday radio program.

“When the people don't live right, God will come in, sometimes, not always, but sometimes and literally destroy a place. I'm not saying that's exactly why the hurricane comes to New Orleans this week, or why the weather had done its damage there in the past but I am saying it does fit a pattern that there is an abundance of in the Scripture,” said Wilson.

Wilson isn't the first to suggest hurricanes are God's punishment to New Orleans for hosting Southern Decadence.

In 2008, Texas televangelist Rev. John Hagee said of Katrina: “What happened in New Orleans looked like the curse of God. It was a city that was planning sinful conduct.”

And last year, Rick Joyner, who heads Morning Star Ministries and the Oak Initiative, said Katrina was a “judgment from God.”

“Katrina hit New Orleans the day before they were supposed to have that Day of Decadence. Katrina that same storm hit Key West on the same day they were gonna have their gay pride parade. There is a message here, that is something the Lord is not gonna put up with. He loves homosexuals, they're not gay, it's hard to find one who is happy, that's a misnomer,” he said.

Hagee and Joyner neglected to mention that Katrina spared New Orleans' French Quarter, site of Southern Decadence.