In what is being described as a first, both candidates vying for a Colorado senate seat – Pat Steadman and Michael Carr – are openly gay.

Democratic Senator Steadman has represented the people of Colorado's 31st district, which includes parts of Denver, since 2009. He has unsuccessfully carried legislation which would legalize civil unions in Colorado.

Carr is also openly gay and running with the blessing of the Colorado Republican Party.

His campaign website states that Carr is pro-equality: “I will support equal protection under the law for all Coloradans, regardless of their race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.”

Nic Garcia of gay rights advocate OutFront Colorado labeled the race a win, no matter which candidate voters elect.

“If you don't support Carr or the GOP, that's fine. Don't vote for him,” Garcia wrote. “[But] I can sleep easily at night knowing no matter who wins the state Senate 31 race, I'll be represented by an out-and-proud gay man.”