Equality North Carolina has launched a PAC targeting lawmakers who support the state's recently approved constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

Despite Equality North Carolina's campaign to derail the measure, 61 percent of North Carolina voters approved Amendment One on May 8.

A video to support the Equality North Carolina Action Fund throws back the assertions of Amendment One supporters that the measure was not personal, but just politics.

In the video, North Carolina voices are heard saying: “It was politics; not the heart of North Carolina, not our future, and not who we really are. … In politics, you pick a vulnerable target. Equality North Carolina's PAC has identified the most promising opportunities this election. These are the races we can win. We can replace these legislators with allies and slowly we can change the makeup of the General Assembly so they don't get the chance to do this again. There's simply no more effective way for us to move forward.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)