Tennessee state Senator Stacey Campfield doesn't believe LGBT teen suicide is a problem.

“That bullying thing is the biggest lark out there … There are sexually confused children who could be pushed into a lifestyle that I don't think is appropriate with them and it's not for the norm for society, and they don't know how they can get back from that. I think a lot of times these young teens and young children, they find it very hard on themselves and unfortunately some of them commit suicide,” said Campfield.

Campfield made the comments earlier this year during an appearance on Sirius XM's The Michelangelo Signorile Show but they gained traction this week on the Internet.

Campfield, a Republican, is the chief sponsor of a bill dubbed “Don't Say Gay,” which would outlaw the discussion of sexual minorities in Tennessee's public schools before the ninth grade. The bill cleared the Senate last year but died in the House with its adjournment this year.

On The David Pakman Show, Pakman wondered: “Is it just a matter of time before Stacey Campfield is caught tapping his toes in an airport men's room? A wide stance debacle as they may now be known.”

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