Kristen Bell and her fiancee Dax Shepard would be willing to share their bed with Jennifer Lopez or Taylor Kitsch.

In a CNN interview to pitch their upcoming comedy film Hit & Run, the couple were asked if they had a “freebie” list.

“We have the same freebie, weirdly,” Shepard answered, then prompted Bell, “On the count of three. Three, two, one.”

“Jennifer Lopez,” Bell answered at the same time that Shepard said, “Taylor Kitsch.”

“Oh, I was supposed to say Taylor Kitsch,” Bell said.

“But he's got to have long hair so I can get through it,” Shepard added. “I have to be able to pretend he's female.”

“We've spent many a, many a night watching Friday Night Lights and wondering how could we appropriately ask the question, 'Do you want to enter our marriage?' Bell said. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

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