Eight-year-old Emma is asking Washington state voters to approve Referendum 74 so her moms can marry.

Emma makes her plea in a 30-second video released Thursday by Washington United for Marriage, the campaign to approve Referendum 74. If approved by voters in November, Referendum 74 would uphold a gay marriage law enacted by lawmakers.

“Hi, my name is Emma. I'm a dancer. I would like to show you around my family,” the eight-year-old says in the video before presenting her brother and mothers to viewers.

“My moms can only get married if you vote 'yes' on Referendum 74,” she adds. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

Emma's video won a video contest sponsored by Washington United for Marriage. She and her family will receive three-day passes to music and arts festival Bumbershoot and a grab bag of releases from Sub-Pop records.

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