Juno star Ellen Page has signed on to play gay in the Hollywood adaptation of the documentary Freeheld.

The 2007 Academy Award-winning documentary told the true story of a lesbian couple facing death while battling a discriminatory government. Lieutenant Laurel Hester fought for the right to leave her Ocean County, New Jersey police pension to her domestic partner, Stacie Andree, who'll be played by Page in the upcoming film, as she faced terminal lung cancer. Hester's conservative detective partner Dane Wells stepped up to help her in her fight.

Ron Nyswaner has signed on to adapt Cynthia Wade's short documentary into a feature film. Nyswaner's Philadelphia screenplay earned him an Oscar nomination. The 1993 drama featured Tom Hanks as an HIV positive gay man in his own gay rights battle.

Producer James D. Stern called Freeheld's story “powerful” and “subject matter that will resonate with audiences” in announcing the project.

(Source: Deadline.com.)