Former Seattle City Councilwoman Cheryl Chow came out gay as she faces terminal brain cancer.

“Parents and kids, don't be afraid of saying that you're gay,” she told King 5 News. “I was afraid for over 60 years and those 60 years were wasted.”

Chow, 66, and her partner of 10 years, Sarah Morningstar, are raising 4-year-old Liliana.

She said she kept her sexual orientation a secret because she feared the reaction of the Chinese community and her mother, King County Councilwoman Ruby Chow.

After coaching the Seattle Chinese Community Girls Drill team for nearly 50 years, Chow last month came out to them.

“I wanted them to feel good about themselves and I wanted them to have a role model that wasn't afraid to say anymore, 'I'm gay and that's okay,'” Chow said.

“If I can save one child from feeling bad or even committing suicide because they felt terrible because they were gay, then I would have succeeded in my last crusade.”