Kristen Bell and fiancee Dax Shepard are holding off on plans to marry until gay marriage is legalized in California.

The actors have been engaged since 2009.

In an appearance on Larry King Now to pitch their upcoming film Hit & Run, the couple reiterated that the wedding is currently on hold.

On the program, King noted that a federal appeals court had ruled the state's 2008 voter-approved gay marriage ban, Prop 8, unconstitutional.

“Once it's official and everybody stops appealing it … we'll get married,” Bell said. “I'll feel more comfortable having a party or whatever we have, if anything, inviting half of our friends that are homosexual … It's just kind of, I think, a little bit rude to invite everyone to a party of a right that not everybody holds,” Bell said.

“My analogy is if we were at this age in the sixties and I had a birthday party and half our friends were black, I wouldn't have the birthday party at the front of the bus,” Shepard explained. “That would not be cool.”

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