Tony Perkins, president of the Christian conservative Family Research Council (FRC), claims the media has mostly ignored a shooting at the group's DC headquarters because it does not fit a storyline hostile to conservatives.

Twenty-eight-year-old Floyd Lee Corkins of Herndon, Virginia allegedly walked into the group's lobby on Wednesday and shot a security guard in the arm before he was wrestled to the ground.

At a press conference on Thursday, Perkins accused the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which in 2010 labeled FRC a “hate group,” of enabling the shooting.

“Corkins was given a license to shoot an unarmed man by organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) that have been reckless in labeling organizations hate groups because they disagree with them on public policy,” said Perkins. “I believe the Southern Poverty Law Center should be held accountable for their reckless use of terminology.”

During an appearance on Fox News, Perkins accused the media of bias.

“It was stunning that most of the coverage, with the exception of just a few reports I saw over the weekend, were from Fox,” he said. “The others … ignored it.”

“I think the reason is, it doesn't fit the storyline. You know, it's supposed to be conservatives who are angry, who are filled with hate. And that's not the case.”

Perkins added that the guard, Leo Johnson, considered shooting Corkins.

“So the thought came to him, he might shoot [Corkins], but he said, 'No, the Lord told me, don't do that.' And he didn't,” said Perkins. “So that man left unharmed from our building. Probably the only one who wasn't harmed in some form or fashion.”

He also reiterated his claim that the SPLC was complicit in the crime.

“Clearly, they are inciting this environment of hostility toward religious organizations. And it's dangerous. We've now seen this gone beyond the rhetoric and passing of words to actually almost taking the lives of individuals.”