Brian Ellner and CEO Jason Goldberg are launching a site aimed at young supporters of gay marriage.

Ellner masterminded HRC's New York marriage equality campaign, which raised awareness through a series of videos featuring prominent celebrities, professional athletes and politicians.

Goldberg, currently the CEO of, the gay social-networking site turned designer wares discounter, told The New York Times that will concentrate on this year's four marriage equality referendums in Maine, Minnesota, Maryland and Washington state.

Voters in Minnesota will decide on a constitutional amendment which aims to ban gay marriage in the state, while Maryland and Washington state voters are being asked to uphold – or reject – laws legalizing such unions approved by lawmakers. Maine voters will decide whether to legalize gay nuptials in the state. If approved, it would become the first state to do so at the ballot box.

The New York Times reported that the site will be an online repository of user-created digital content formatted to be easily shared throughout cyberspace with the aim being to create an online buzz.

“If we're going to win these referenda, young people have to get out and vote,” Ellner said. “And this is the space where they live: social media.”

Goldberg married his boyfriend Christian Schoenherr on Saturday. The couple gave $200,000 to the campaign and asked guests at their wedding to consider a similar donation.

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