A man has asked for his donation to a group opposed to Minnesota's marriage amendment to remain anonymous because he fears retribution from his Catholic employer.

The man gave $600 to Minnesota United for All Families.

The Minnesota campaign finance board believed that the man, now known as John Doe, could be fired if his contribution became public knowledge and on August 7 granted him anonymity, the Star-Tribune reported.

“Mr. Doe argues that because his job requires him to represent the Catholic organization's positions to others from time to time, if his opposition to the marriage amendment was known, it would cause immense strain in his working relationships. Mr. Doe believes that this strain may be enough that his employment would be terminated,” the agency wrote in its decision.

The Church has strongly supported the amendment, raising funds for the campaign to support it. In January, Johh C. Nienstedt, the archbishop of St. Paul and Minneapolis, ordered priests to get behind the proposed ban or remain silent.

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