A short film on the life shared by two women in love has gone viral on the Internet.

The 2-minute-20-second video has received nearly 20,000 views on YouTube since its release last Sunday.

Producers said the short film was inspired by last year's highly successful marriage equality video It's Time, which was produced by the Australian progressive group GetUp.

And much like that film, Love is Love doesn't reveal the main character's companion until the film's final frames.

In the video, a woman (played by Heather Horton) is seen baking for her partner, holding her newborn child, fighting with her daughter, and being helped to drink from a glass as she lays in a hospital bed. A bouquet of roses are laid on a cemetery marker. And as the camera turns around, a woman (Rebecca Wackler) is seen grieving. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

The film was written by writer-producer Amanda Deibert of Los Angeles, who also played the role of the daughter.

“This was inspired by the It's Time ad,” Deibert said in blog post. “I wanted something from a lesbian point of view. I made this to put my feelings about the marriage equality debate somewhere. I wrote it the day [North Carolina] passed their terrifyingly discriminatory law and being from there, it broke my heart. I was fortunate enough to work a bunch of lovely and talented people and I think it came out beautifully.”

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