Catholics for Marriage Equality MN (C4ME-MN) on Thursday released a music video for the song For All The Children.

The song was recorded in April and the video premiered Wednesday in Minneapolis at the C4ME-MN event I Do! Believe in the Freedom to Marry held in Loring Park.

The video will be used during the campaign to defeat a proposed constitutional amendment to the Minnesota Constitution, which if approved would ban gay marriage in the state.

The hymn was composed by local gay rights activist David Lohman.

“The hymn is about protecting our kids and our campaign is about marriage – that's all about family,” Lohman said in a behind the scenes video. “Because the Roman Catholic Church is asserting itself so strongly in this campaign, there is such a power in Catholics speaking to other Catholics and saying there is not a monolithic voice within the Catholic Church, that you can be faithful and Catholic and oppose this amendment too.”

More than 300 Catholics are featured in the video singing their support for LGBT young people. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)