President Barack Obama's support for gay marriage is being compared to white supremacists hostile to the civil rights movement.

Rev. Bill Owens, who heads the nascent Coalition of African-American Pastors (CAAP), attracted major headlines in July when he held a press conference criticizing Obama's endorsement of gay nuptials.

Appearing on Janet Mefferd's radio show on Tuesday, Owens once again lashed out against the president.

“I don't think he [considered the reaction of the African-American community],” Owens said. “I think he felt that he could continue to do as he's been doing. He'll take up the cause of the Latinos, he'll take up the cause of the homosexuals, but it's like the African Americans don't exist. And he said I'm not the president of the African Americans, I'm the president of America. What if the white leaders who were in office when the civil rights bill had passed, what if they had said that, 'We're the politicians for the white community?' We wouldn't have gotten a right to vote, we wouldn't have gotten the rights we enjoy today. So we're going to take him on even more, as a matter of fact this is one of my last interviews until we come out with a new news conference next week, we're coming out fighting.”'s Brian Tashman noted that the president in fact said the opposite of what Owens has claimed.

“[T]hat is the exact opposite message employed by the white supremacist leaders that Owens compared Obama to, as Obama said he was the president of all Americans, including African-Americans,” he wrote.

Owens added that supporting gay rights is “like waving your thing in God's face” and that gay nuptials are “destroying the foundation of the family.”

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