David Richardson, who on Tuesday won the Democratic primary to become Florida's first openly gay state lawmaker, has stated that he will represent all the people in his district when he heads to Tallahassee next year.

Richardson defeated three Democratic rivals to win his primary, which was open to all voters because no Republican registered in the race.

“I did not run as a gay candidate,” Richardson told the AP, “and I'm not going to serve as the gay legislator.”

The 55-year-old Richardson, a CPA from Miami Beach, plans to sponsor legislation which would outlaw workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation. He added that he wants to help craft the state budget.

Being gay, Richardson said, wasn't an issue during the campaign.

“Not one person closed their door to me because I'm gay,” he said. “Not one person brought it up.”

Two additional gay Democrats, Ian Whitley from Key West and Joe Saunders of Orlando, won their primaries and advanced to the General Election.