Chelsea Clinton has said she is proud of her father, former president Bill Clinton, for supporting gay marriage.

In a profile with fashion glossy Vogue, Chelsea credited her friendships with gay men as influencing her famous father on the issue.

“One night, over dinner at Cheddar's, Chelsea mentions that a lot of her male friends are gay. 'It was something that I wasn't even aware of until [husband] Marc pointed it out,' she says. Observing the strength of those friendships – many of Chelsea's friends spend every Thanksgiving with the Clintons at Chappaqua – was one of the key factors in changing Bill Clinton's position on gay marriage. 'Those conversations often start in families and then billow out into the community. Change is hard. And I was really proud of my dad,'” the magazine wrote.

In 2009, Bill Clinton, who signed into law the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), said his previous position on the issue was “wrong.”

“I think [gay marriage is] a good thing not a bad thing. And I just realized that, I was, probably for, maybe just because of my age and the way I've grown up, I was wrong about that.”

“I just had too may gay friends. I saw their relationships. I just decided I couldn't, I had an untenable position,” he told CNN's Anderson Cooper.