The first television ad on Minnesota's proposed constitutional amendment which would ban gay marriage features a straight, older couple.

Yvonne and Fred Peterson of Duluth are featured in the spot titled Grandparents.

The couple, married 59 years, talk about marriage equality while seated on a park bench.

“If someone had asked me if gay people should get married, I would have said no,” Yvonne said.

“The world is changing,” Fred said. “Gay and lesbian people want to get married for the same reason that I wanted to marry my wife. Why shouldn't other people be able to enjoy the happiness and the love that we've enjoyed through our lifetime?”

“Love is love and it does belong to everybody,” Yvonne added. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

The ad is paid for by the national group Freedom to Marry.

“The Petersons highlight the very reason public education is so important in the fight for marriage for all committed couples,” Thalia Zepatos, director of public engagement for Freedom to Marry, said in a statement. “They started out with an opposing view and have come to see that marriage for everyone benefits us all. Local stories are the best conversation starter – and conversation is the best vehicle for helping people to see that the protections and responsibilities that come with marriage should be for everyone, no matter whom they love.”

According to Minnesotans United for All Families, the Minnesota group working to defeat the amendment, the ad buy cost mid-six figures and will run for several weeks on television and cable networks in the Twin Cities and Duluth.