An illuminated road sign in Provo, Utah near Brigham Young University was programmed to read “God Hates Gays. Follow Detour.”

Annie Frewin posted a short clip of the sign on YouTube.

“Saw this on my way home from work tonight, on University Ave, Provo,” she wrote. “I had to double take it and flip around to record it, sorry my camera sucks. I thought this was messed up.”

A spokeswoman for the Interstate 15 highway, which was responsible for the sign, said that the message was the work of hackers. She explained that the message board's computer was left unsecured.

“This is an unfortunate example of someone with a problem who doesn't represent the minds and hearts of the residents of Provo,” said Provo Mayor John Curtis in a statement released to Raw Story.

Frewin said she recorded the sign at 1AM and officials said it was removed at 5:30AM, Wednesday.

In a Facebook post, she suggested that highway police were complicit in the crime.

“All I'm saying is [9 out of 10 times] there is a cop on that street, because I've never ever gone down that road especially at 1AM without seeing at least 3 cops at one end of that road between the overpass and the freeway entrances. Just because you feel the need to be argumentative doesn't mean that it's accurate, if it was about anything else, it would already been taken down,” she wrote.

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