Comedian Roseanne Barr has said her gay siblings have had better luck at love than she has.

The thrice married Barr appeared on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight to discuss some of her current projects, including cabler Comedy Central's Sunday broadcast of the Roast of Roseanne with Roastmaster Jane Lynch.

“There were many times in my life where I was in love,” Barr told host Piers Morgan.

“And I happen to be in love right now,” she added, referring to boyfriend Johnny Argent.

“I'm not like my gay sister and my gay brother that have both been with the same partner for 25 and 26 years respectively. I, as a straight person, have not been able to hold any relationship together as well as they,” said Barr. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

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