Rafael Ramirez and Sebastian Becerril, the first gay couple to marry under Mexico City's gay marriage law, have announced they are separating.

A photo of the couple celebrating passage of the law in 2009 ran in papers and magazines throughout the world. In the iconic photo, Ramirez and Becerril embrace at a gay bar in Mexico City.

Ramirez blamed irreconcilable differences for the break up.

“On matters pertaining only to the couple, and because of irreconcilable differences, after almost two and a half year years of marriage, I have decided to divorce Sebastian Becerril … the decision is final,” Ramirez is quoted as saying by the Mexican media.

Mexico City was the first municipality in Latin America to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry and to have the same rights as heterosexual unions. Opponents appealed the measure to the nation's highest court. But the tactic backfired; the court declared the law constitutional and instructed all states to recognized all the marriages of Mexico City.