Openly gay Mexican singer Chavela Vargas has died. She was 93.

According to The New York Times, Vargas died Sunday in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Vargas fell ill last month while performing in Madrid, Spain. Biographer and friend Maria Cortina told the paper that the cause was heart and respiratory problems.

Vargas publicly announced she was gay in a 2000 interview with Madrid daily El Pais.

“I've had to fight to be myself and to be respected. I'm proud to carry this stigma and call myself a lesbian. I don't boast about it or broadcast it, but I don't deny it. I've had to confront society and the Church, which says that homosexuals are damned. That's absurd. How can someone who's born like this be judged? I didn't attend lesbian classes. No one taught me to be this way. I was born this way, from the moment I opened my eyes in this world. I've never been to bed with a man. Never. Just imagine what purity. I have nothing to be ashamed of. My gods made me the way I am,” she said.

Vargas immigrated from Costa Rica to Mexico City in her teens. She recorded her first album, Noches de Bohemia, in 1961. Heavy drinking put her career on hold in the 1970s and she did not reemerge until the early 1990s, the Times reported.