The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is donating $1 million to campaigns in four states where voters will be considering gay marriage this fall.

HRC, the nation's largest gay rights advocate, is giving $250,000 each to the campaigns in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington state.

The donations bring HRC's contributions on the issue this year to $4.8 million.

“These ballot measures are the critical issues in November for our community, besides reelecting the president,” HRC's Michael Cole-Schwartz told POLITICO.COM.

“And part of why they're a big deal is because our opponents have rightfully had the talking points that all of these states have banned marriage for same-sex couples [in the past],” he said.

Cole-Schwartz noted polling that currently favors gay marriage supporters.

“This is the year where we really think that we have the opportunity to be the victors,” he said. “We want to stand up and be leaders … and spur more investments in these campaigns as well.”

HRC this year lobbied heavily for passage of gay marriage laws in Maryland, Washington and New York.