Rosie O'Donnell and Michelle Rounds have postponed their wedding after Rounds was diagnosed with Desmoid Tumors.

O'Donnell revealed the couple's plans on her blog earlier this week.

“we had to postpone our wedding re schedule for next summer in lieu of gifts – we ask for donations DTRF Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation,” she wrote.

Rounds, a New York City headhunter, reportedly first fell ill in May, after a trip to Big Sur.

“undiagnosed – again and again her pain grew worse it seemed impossible no one knew what was wrong. life changes in an instant,” she wrote.

O'Donnell announced the engagement to her now-defunct The Rosie Show studio audience in Chicago during a commercial break in December.

In an ABC Nightline interview, she discussed meeting Rounds.

“I walked into a Starbucks in the summer and she was holding a little puppy,” O'Donnell said. “I thought she was a 28-year-old heterosexual girl, because that's what she looked like to me. And she's a 40-year-old gay woman.”

“My gaydar was way off!” she said with a laugh.

“I think if I had known that she was gay, I wouldn't have been brave enough to talk to her,” O'Donnell added.

This is the second marriage for O'Donnell, who came out gay in 2002 and shares 4 children with ex-wife Kelli Carpenter.