A majority of Maryland voters favor a gay marriage law approved earlier this year by lawmakers.

According to a Hart Research Associates survey conducted in July, 54 percent of respondents favor marriage equality, while 40 percent remain opposed.

After passage of the marriage law, which does not take effect until January 1, opponents gathered sufficient signatures to put it up to a popular vote at the ballot box in November.

Pollsters also found support for gay marriage increased 4 percent among African-American voters since March. One explanation could be President Barack Obama's May announcement in support of such unions.

“The bottom line is that a November win for marriage equality at the ballot box in Maryland is well within our grasp,” pollsters noted in releasing their results. “Both overall support and the INTENSITY of the support have increased, and, in particular, President Obama's strong affirmation of marriage equality has resulted in a durable shift in attitude among African-American voters.”