In apologizing for including anti-gay lyrics in his early songs, Jamaican dancehall singer Beenie Man has described Jamaican gay men as predators.

In the early 90s, Beenie Man released several hit songs with homophobic lyrics, including promoting murder against gay people.

In a YouTube video posted in May, the 38-year-old Beenie Man, whose real name is Anthony Moses Davis, said that he respects “each and every human being … regardless of which sexual preference you have including gay and lesbian people.”

In an interview with gay glossy The Advocate, Beenie Man explained his reasons for making the video apology.

“What really motivated me to do something like that is the love of the music and the respect for people,” he said. “This is who I am, and this is where I'm going, and this is where my head space is. And if we sing for one set of people … and the next set of people not listen to the music, it don't make sense. That mean you're off way in the world.”

When asked, “Do you believe there will ever be a time when gays and lesbians will be accepted in Jamaica?” Beenie Man answered that most Jamaican gay men are sexual predators.

“[G]ay in Jamaica is not like it is in America. It's mostly big men with money going down in the ghetto and turning the local youths so you call that statutory [rape] or child molestation. They convince the youth that they are this way … and me know enough youth this way. That's why when it comes to gay murder in Jamaica, it's so vicious,” he said.

“You can't beat up on the government when you don't understand what the government is fighting for. They're not fighting against [gays]. … But the whole Caribbean needs support because the [rapes] have to stop.”

Beenie Man added that he would love his son if he turned out to be gay.

“He's my son. I love him already. It's not gonna make me hate him. All left to do is to support him and guide him through.”