A General Motors ad featuring the Chevy Volt coming out electric has proven to be a hit for the automaker.

The ad celebrating Detroit's annual Gay Pride parade featured a silver Chevy Volt proclaiming, “Mom, Dad, I'm electric” along with the text: “Volt runs on an electric battery and a gas generator. So, whatever revs your engine, we support you 100%. Happy Motor City Pride from the entire Chevrolet family.”

According to all things General Motors blog GMAuthority.com, the ad has been viewed more than 11 million times on social media.

The ad was first published in Michigan gay weekly Between the Lines.

“This was a good omen,” said Jan Stevenson, co-publisher of Between the Lines. “They put their toe in the water, and it worked out really, really well. If anyone's really paying attention to it, they would say, 'Wow, this is an untapped market.'”

GM spokesman Tom Henderson said that the Volt ad “told us that this was something worth undertaking when the opportunities present themselves.”

Other car manufacturers, most notably Ford Motor Company, have faced criticism for including LGBT-positive messages in their advertising. In 2008, the Christian conservative group American Family Association ended a two-year boycott against Ford after it stopped advertising to the demographic. The automaker, however, stated that it stopped running all niche advertising when the economy soured.