Joy Behar's upcoming Current TV talk show, Joy Behar: Say Anything!, will have its premiere on September 4.

Joy Behar: Say Anything! will air nightly Monday through Thursday at 6PM.

According to a press release, Behar will take on politics, religion, social issues and pop culture in her new show.

“When Current TV offered me a show and said I could say anything I wanted to on it, it was a no-brainer,” said Behar. “Current is like the g-spot of television – it may be hard to find but once you find it, there's nothing better. On the show, I hope to cut through all of the white noise from other news and analysis shows and encourage talk, and not talking points. There'll be no agenda other than to entertain, inform and make sure my hair always looks great.”

Last year, Behar hosted the final episode of The Joy Behar Show, which ran for more than 2 years on CNN's HLN.

Current also announced it would broadcast a documentary special which looks at radio host Stephanie Miller's political comedy tour. The documentary, titled The Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour, will premiere in September.