A gay dating website's billboard featuring Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann at a wedding ceremony being officiated by President Barack Obama has been banned in Tampa Bay, Florida, site of the 2012 Republican National Convention (RNC).

The billboard shows an actor representing Obama introducing the newly married couple with a church in the background.

“BeautifulPeople.com supports gay marriage,” the billboard's caption reads. “Introducing beautifulWOMENonly.com.”

A similar billboard which switches out the Palin and Bachmann characters for television personality Donald Trump and GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney pitches beautifulpeopleGAY.com.

Palin, Bachmann, Trump and Romney, all of whom are Republicans, have previously said they are opposed to gay nuptials.

“This is a national campaign championing equal rights for the LGBT community and pledging support in a colorful way,” Greg Hodge, managing director of BeautifulPeople.com, said in a press release. “Through a humorous campaign we wanted to showcase how many of our political heavyweights are living in the last century.”

The company claims Tampa Bay officials rejected the ad.

Other images created for the campaign include each couple sharing a kiss.