Singer Elton John believes gay marriage got a big boost with the endorsements of President Barack Obama and rapper Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter.

In May, Obama became the first sitting president to endorse gay marriage.

Jay-Z compared opposition to such unions to racial discrimination in an interview with CNN.

“I've always thought [of] it as something that's still holding the country back,” Jay-Z said. “You know what people do in their own homes is, you know, their business. You chose to love whomever you love. You know, that's their business.”

“It's no different than discriminating against blacks. It's discrimination, plain and simple,” he added.

In an interview with MSNBC, Sir Elton commended Jay-Z.

“Jay-Z, who is probably the most respected African American artist, came out and said not only is it wrong to not have gay marriage, but any discrimination in life is wrong. It was an incredibly moving statement,” said Sir Elton.

“Dominoes fell,” he added. “When I next see him, I'm going to give him the biggest hug. (Watch the segment at MSNBC.)