New York City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer married his longtime partner Dan Hendrick on Saturday.

Van Bramer, 42, and Hendrick, 41, who have been together for more than 13 years, held a rooftop ceremony in Van Bramer's Long Island City district.

“We are overjoyed that so many family and friends witnessed our wedding Saturday night,” Van Bramer said in a statement. “For over 13 years we have been in a committed and loving relationship, yet before marriage equality passed last year, we were denied the right marry one another. At this time, we are grateful for our loving families, friends, and the numerous neighbors, constituents and even complete strangers who wished us well on our union. Our happiness at having fulfilled our dream of getting married knows no bounds. We are grateful to live in a State and City that recognize that we are equal and should not be discriminated against. And we'll redouble our efforts to make sure that all Americans can get married to the one they love.”

Van Bramer is the second member of the City Council to marry a same-sex partner. Speaker Christine Quinn married her wife Kim Catullo in May.

Hendrick proposed marriage to Van Bramer last November in a restaurant.

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