Kameron Slade, a fifth-grader at William Haberle (PS 195) school in Queens, New York, has given his gay marriage speech to the New York City Council.

While Kameron's speech won him a class competition, he was told by his principal that he could not deliver it in a school-wide contest because the subject is “inappropriate.” He was allowed to give his speech at a separate venue.

Kameron delivered his speech to the city council surrounded by openly gay members Christine Quinn and Jimmy Van Bramer, who is set to marry on Saturday.

In the speech, Kameron said he agrees with President Obama on marriage equality.

“Like President Obama, I believe that all people should have the right to marry whoever they want. Marriage is about love, support and commitment.”

He added that some adults may “feel uncomfortable and think it's inappropriate to talk about this to children.”

“I think adults must realize that as children get older, they become aware of these mature issues that are going on in the world. If children read or watch the news, they can learn about things like same-gender marriage, so what's the point in trying to hide it?”

“I believe that same-gender marriage should be accepted worldwide and that parents and teachers should start to discuss these issue without shame to their children.”

(Watch video of Kameron giving his speech at the New York Times.)