Chris Colfer, who plays gay student Kurt Hummel on the Fox musical-comedy Glee, has said the show's gay characters kiss less frequently than their straight counterparts because gay high school students in general are less likely to show such affection.

Colfer was asked for his take on the lack of PDA between the show's gay couples during Fox's TCA All-Star party.

“Actually I don't think I've noticed,” Colfer told “I feel like people get mad at that, but I mean you really have to look at how high schools are these days. Gay couples aren't as comfortable showing PDA, especially in the middle of Ohio. I feel like when people get in [an] uproar about this it's really kind of unfair because the show is trying to portray it as realistically as possible. Don't forget, this is the show where they had the two guys lose their virginity to each other. I mean, that's big. Let's focus on the progress that has been made and not the exact tally please.”

Glee returns for a fourth season in September.