Bishop Gene Robinson and Dr. John Corvino will join Dr. Robert Gagnon and Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse on a panel on gay marriage taking place Sunday, July 29 at San Diego's Skyline Church.

Robinson is the Episcopal Church's first openly gay bishop. He resides in New Hampshire. Wayne State University Professor John Corvino co-authored Debating Same-Sex Marriage with Maggie Gallagher, a former president and chairman of the board of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM). They will argue in favor of gay nuptials.

On the other side will be Gagnon, an Associate Professor of New Testament at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, and Morse, the president and founder of the Ruth Institute, a project of NOM.

Gagnon has written extensively on the biblical view of homosexuality and has a history of linking homosexuality to pedophilia, promoting “ex-gay” therapy and condemning being gay as unhealthy and dysfunctional.

“'[G]ay marriage,' as the ultimate legal sanctioning of homosexual behavior, will bring with it a wave of intolerance toward, and attack on the civil liberties of, those who publicly express disapproval of homosexual practice,” he wrote in 2004.

Earlier this month, Morse suggested “hardcore” proponents of marriage equality are influenced by communism.

Skyline Church is headed by Jim Garlow, a leading opponent of gay rights.